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Poodles & Doodles

White Rock Dancing quinn 

Quinn is our smallest bundle of joy! She is 8lbs with beautiful, white abstract markings. She is always ready to play! Her red color with white accents will be passed on to her puppies.

Genetically tested at Embark. She is clear and healthy with OFA hip check completed.

She is IVDD/CDDY clear.

Quinn is 8lbs.

White Rock Lil Roxy

Roxy loves kids! You can usually find her snuggling on the sofa watching T.V.  She has beautiful red coloring and passes it on to her puppies.

Genetically tested at Canine Health Check.  Puppies will be happy and healthy.  PennHIP tested with near perfect results.


Roxy weighs 18lbs

Roxy Red Miniature Poodle
White Rock Khloe Sioux

Khloe has been with us the longest and her puppies have always been amazing. She is expecting a litter of red goldendoodles later this year. The father is only 5lbs so expect these goldendoodles to be small.  

Genetically tested at Canine Health Check. Genetically unaffected by all disorders.  OFA tested hips "GOOD", elbows "NORMAL".

She is IVDD/CDDY clear.

Khloe is 35lbs.

White Poodle
White Rock Tootsie Pop

Tootsie is a small red poodle that loves to run and have her belly rubbed.  She has beautiful, dark red puppies. She is 18lbs of fun, a blast to be around. 

Tootsie is Embark tested and genetically clear and healthy.


She is IVDD/CDYY clear.

Tootsie is 18 lbs.

Red Miniature Poodle
White Rock Harper Pearl

Harper is our Cavapoo and she is so fun! With the Cavapoo eyes, you will definitely fall in love with her.  She has a beautiful tri-colored coat and we look forward to her 1st batch of puppies coming the end of May 2024

Harper is 15 lbs.

Cavapoo Female
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